In Florida, researchers and examiners at Mayo Clinic Campus had performed the world’s first-ever forthcoming, blinded as well as placebo-controlled, medical research to try the advantage of utilizing stem cells for regenerative treatments. Stem cell therapy is a regenerative medical therapy to lessen arthritic pain as well as degeneration in the knees.

According to the researchers, this kind of testing is very important due to the fact that are more than 600 stem cells clinics all over the United States. Each one of these stem cell clinics provides stem cell therapy to treat a number of treatments such as arthritis, Parkinson’s and even baldness. It seems as though, lately stem cells have been claiming to treat everything.

In this test, however, stem cells were only used as a way to find out if arthritis in the knee was treatable.

What is more important, according to the experts, is that there are around 100,000 patients who are going through stem cell therapy every year who are paying out of pocket. At this time there are no insurance companies, that we are aware of, that cover stem cell therapy.

The Blind Test

Each patient had arthritis degeneration in each of their knees and received an injection in both knees. The patients did NOT know which knee was injected with the stem cells.

The findings were staggering! Not only did patients receive impressive results in the knee that received the stem cells, but also the other knee as well, which only received a saline-controlled injection.

The findings of the study found that people had good results with the stem cells and without. As you can see, we still have a lot to learn about stem cells.

The Conclusion

We know that stem cells have the ability to transform and multiply. The theory they concluded is that stem cells could travel to parts of the body where they are needed. Even though stem cells typically remain in one part of the body, perhaps injecting the cells allowed the cells to move to other parts of the body as needed, such as the other knee. This is the ONLY way to explain how the knee injected with saline was treated too.

The experts state the stem cell’s efficiency stays somewhat hard to explain or interpretable. They are just able to conclude that the stem cell therapy process is safe and secure to undergo as an alternative to knee surgery.

This is only a theory that could explain their finding; as a result, it really requires more and further testing in order for researchers to obtain precise results. However, we do know that injecting saline solution would provide very little pain relief in a knee affected with arthritis. It seems as though stem cells have to be the cause of pain relief in the other knee, right?

To conclude, stem cells are safe and effective. We now have proof that stem cells performed positively in a large blind study.