This article focuses on a woman named Ms. Donna. Ms. Donna is like many people in their fifties and sixties. She’s spent her entire life using and abusing her knees

and now she isn’t able to do the things she once loved.

On March 14, 2016, Donna made the decision to learn about stem cell therapy. For her, it was the best decision of her life.

Before she learned about stem cell therapy she would wake up in the morning and struggle to get up the steps. Just a simple step was enough to cripple her. She would hug the handrail while enduring extreme knee pain and discomfort.

This is just how she started her day.

By the middle of the day, Ms. Donna is usually in so much pain that she can’t get around without help. She’s beginning to lose her mobility and by noon every day she needs to use the support of a crutch.

Besides being in extreme pain, she was also experiencing knee instability. As she would walk around with the help of her crutch, her knee would lock up and click. Ms. Donna is in big trouble. She’s degenerated much of the cartilage in her knee and she’s experiencing obvious signs of arthritis.

She has now given up on her favorite activities. Bowling and going out with friends is now a thing of the past.

Trial and Error

Unlike many people, Donna didn’t want to throw in the towel. She didn’t just opt for surgery at the first sign of arthritis. She also didn’t want to take any pain medications. She wanted a healthy recovery that was natural.

Donna tried:

  • Supplements
  • The egg shell remedy
  • Wearing a brace
  • Eating healthy
  • Booster shots (supplements)

As you guessed nothing relieved the pain.  

Donna was about to give up. In fact, Donna scheduled a knee replacement surgery in April, which is two weeks before she learned about stem cell therapy.

Immediately after she opted for surgery she didn’t feel right. She knew that orthopedic surgery was a bad decision and she just didn’t feel right about it.

Stem Cell Therapy

When it comes to stem cell therapy not everyone is a good candidate. Her orthopedic surgeon told her that she was “bone-on-bone”, which is a term we use to describe someone with no cartilage left in their knee. If someone describes “clicking” of the knee, then bone-on-bone is a possibility.

After reading a newspaper article and attending a stem cell therapy seminar she decided to get a second opinion. She got an official x-ray and learned that she does have some cartilage left in her knee. This means that she will be a good candidate for stem cell therapy.

Stem cells can turn into other cells, which then multiply to regrow cartilage and tissue. However, stem cells need to be in contact with cartilage cells before they can transform into them. Since she has some cartilage left in her knee then she is a good candidate for stem cell therapy!

Ms. Donna decided to try stem cell therapy and it has been the best decision she has ever made.

Now Ms. Donna’s pain level has decreased from a 10 to a 3! That’s amazing! She has gotten her mobility back, doesn’t have to use a crutch to get around and she can even go up and down the steps! What an amazing recovery!