This clip (click here to watch) features Patty Simpson. She has been living with chronic pain for most of her adult life. Unfortunately, she suffers from severe osteoarthritis. She’s not in her 70s or 60s either. She’s like many of us who suffer from joint pain and arthritis at a young age due to an active lifestyle.

Patty has already dealt with multiple surgeries to repair ligaments and cartilage in both of her knees. However, with every surgery, Patty says arthritis gets more severe.

Patty Says, “ Every morning when I get up it takes about 5 minutes for me to walk around and move to the point where it’s not miserable for me to be up. I like to go hiking and waling down the steps and going down a hill is very bothersome. Running, running with the dogs, is just chronic pain all of the time despite being on lots of medicines.”

Patty believed that she was going to have to one day completely replace her knees with a knee replacement surgery. Since surgery wasn’t an attractive option she decided to do some research to find an alternative to surgery.

Stem Cell Therapy for Patty

After her research, she was lead to information regarding stem cell therapy. Stem cell therapy is an alternative to surgery and it seems as though this is exactly what patty was looking for.

The procedure that patty went through required obtaining stem cells from her hip joint. The hip is one of the few places on the body where stem cells exist and obtaining cells from this joint is invasive. However, not as invasive as knee replacement surgery, which requires sawing the bone, months of rehabilitation and a laundry list of possible side effects.

This procedure is attractive for many people because the option to use your own cells seems safe. The cells were in your body before, why wouldn’t you be able to inject them somewhere else.

The cells are extracted from patty’s hip, concentrated, mixed with supplements and then injected back into the affected area. For Patty, the affected areas were her knees.

Her Stem Cell Therapists believe that these types of treatments are the future of orthopedics, even though it may take years to gauge the success of these treatments.

Stem Cell Professionals Advantage

After watching the part of the clip where they’re extracting stem cells from your hip you probably felt uncomfortable.

The idea is to make the process as painless and as least invasive as possible. At the Stem Cell Professionals, we don’t use a patients own stem cells. We use amniotic stem cells, which are the most effective for treating orthopedic conditions, such as the ones patty was experiencing.

Our stem cells are donated and processed in an FDA approved lab. You come to our facility and the cells are concentrated and ready for treatments. No painful harvesting and the confidence that you’re using the best cells available to treat orthopedic conditions.

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