Fox 29 in Philadelphia covers an interesting story about Carter Hanin. Hanin has been a skateboarder, surfer, skier, boogie boarder and overall daredevil. If there’s a board to ride, he’s probably tried or even mastered the sport. However, getting even halfway decent at a sport like skateboarding doesn’t come without scratches, bruises and injuries.

Hanin and his orthopedic surgeon are on a first name basis. Hanin has endured two torn rotator cuffs, a torn meniscus, screws, scars and a list of surgical procedures. Now Hanin is suffering from arthritis. During a recent trip to the orthopedic specialist, he was told that his cartilage is begging to wear on his knees.

The orthopedic surgeon describes the wear and tear of your knee cartilage in an easy-to-understand way. Think about the brakes on your car. If you are always slamming on the breaks you’ll wear out the brakes easier. Eventually, your car won’t operate ideally and your mechanic will tell you that you’ve worn down your breaks and you need new brake pads.

Your knees are the same way. If you always take care of your knees, don’t over-use them and don’t abuse or injure them, you may be able to live without knee pain for most, if not all, of your life. However, Hanin has worn out his knees from skateboarding and being a daredevil and he’s only in his 40s.

If you’re in your 40s and your orthopedic surgeon tells you that you need a total knee replacement, you’ll have an extremely high chance of needing a second knee replacement in your life. Ideally, preserving the cartilage in your knee, or keeping cartilage from wearing is the best option.

What is Knee Cartilage?

There’s a small space in the joint of your knee where the cartilage lives. Cartilage is a tough rubbery substance in your joints. This cartilage is protective and keeps the bones from rubbing together. When the bones rub together you develop arthritis, which means inflammation, pain, limited mobility and bone spurs can occur.

People with arthritis don’t ride skateboards or go on skiing trips. Unfortunately, many people with arthritis have limited mobility.

What are the options for Hanin?

Hanin is like many people suffering from arthritis. Yes, he is his own worst enemy in this situation and put himself on the fast track to arthritis, but he doesn’t want to throw in the towel.

Hanin wants to skate with his son and enjoy the half-pipe they installed in their back yard. Despite his knee pain, he still feels young and has a lot of life to live.

Stem Cell Therapy

Hanin’s orthopedic specialist suggest he try stem cell therapy. The process that his doctor suggested is the process where they take stem cells from his fat and inject them back into the area that hurts.

The idea is that stem cells will actually regrow the cartilage in his knees. If he can regrow this cartilage then he can essentially reverse the symptoms of arthritis.

Stem Cell Professionals

In York Pennsylvania, our process is a little different. In the interview, Hanin admits that the process of extracting fat was extremely painful.

We have stem cells donated to us after a scheduled C-Section that we use for stem cell therapy. These cells are processed at an FDA approved ab and sent to us for treatments. This means less downtime, virtually no pain and since it’s an outpatient procedure you’ll be out the door in 45 mins.

There is no age limit, but you do have to qualify in order to go through with treatment. If you want to learn more call the Stem Cell Professionals in York, PA today!