Chris Johnson, who was a vet running back to the New York Jets in 2014, had an amazing track record. He had 1,000 NFL rushing seasons, one season that was a 2,000 yarder and a desire to prove that he was as fast as he’s ever been. However, when Chris Johnson went to visit the pioneer in sports medicine he found something that intrigued him. Stem Cells.

This veteran running back tore his meniscus in 2014. In case you aren’t aware, the meniscus is the rubbery C-Shaped disc that cushions your knee. This cartilage is meant for keeping your knee sturdy and balancing your weight across the knee.

In many cases, twisting and turning too quickly when the foot is planted to the ground cause this tear, which sounds exactly like something a running back would do. However, injury and heavy lifting are also a typical cause of a torn meniscus.

Since Johnson decided to go through the season with this injury, he did more damage and lost a lot of cartilage.

He decided to go through with surgery in 2014, which is common practice for this injury. However, he decided to add an injection of stem cells to promote healing, decrease inflammation and to ensure a full recovery along with regrowing the cartilage that he lost from playing through the season.

When the Jets opened up the training camp in the summer of 2014 coach Rex Ryan told reporters “He was flying”

The Pioneer in Sports Medicine

The man behind many Stem Cell Therapy injections for athletes is named James Andrews. Andrews has often been the go-to orthopedic surgeon for many athletes. When people tear their ACL get a neck injury or, in this case, tear their meniscus, they would go to Andrews.

Lately, Andrews has ben seeing the benefits of Stem Cells for many of his patients and he believes that it’s a great alternative to surgery and in many cases an added benefit to surgery.

Since Stem cell Therapy is a relatively new treatment he speaks carefully about the potential of stem cells. First of all, many people are uneducated about Stem Cell Therapy. They believe that just because athletes like Chris Johnson and Peyton Manning are taking advantage of Stem Cell Therapy then there must be some physical enhancement. People want to believe that stem cells are giving athletes an unfair advantage on the field.

People who believe this couldn’t be more incorrect.

The reasons why athletes take advantage of stem cell therapy is because it allows them to get back to the game faster. It allows athletes to heal quicker after surgery. It allows athletes to recover from injuries faster than normal and even decreases pain and inflammation.

Stem Cells Therapy is in no way related to any sports enhancement drug.

Andrews believes that Stem Cell Therapy is an amazing treatment and a wonderful option for professional athletes who rely on their physical abilities for their career. Andrews says, ““Instead of taking a year, a year and a half in order to get well, maybe we can cut that down in half”