There are many reasons why you should be exercising and if you have been neglecting your physical activity you will want to really reconsider it. The summer is one of the best times to begin an exercise routine since you have so many options available to you. In York, Pa there are a number of outdoor activities you can take part in that will not only keep you in shape but are not strenuous on your joints. Biking, walking in one of the many parks, swimming and kayaking are all excellent options.

Benefits of Exercise:

  • Exercise can help combat a number of health conditions

Heart disease, blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, cholesterol and many others can all be impacted with a regular exercise routine. Exercising regularly can help you prevent or better manage a number of medical conditions. This is because when you are active there is a boost to the high-density lipoprotein and a decrease in the unhealthy triglycerides, keeping your blood flowing smoothly. From arthritis to cancer there are a number of health risks you can prevent or better manage with regular exercise.

  • Improved mood

Being physically active can stimulate a number of the brain’s chemicals, which can instantly boost your mood. Even a brisk 30-minute walks can help relieve stress, increase confidence and make you feel better about your day.

  • Increase energy

Exercising regularly can help strengthen your endurance and improve the flow of oxygen throughout your body. This allows the proper nutrients to reach your tissues. Be active will also improve your cardiovascular systems which can result in increased energy.

  • Weight control

Regular exercise will help you maintain a healthy weight by burning calories and strengthen the muscles and joints in your body. Without the proper exercise, you increase the chances of becoming overweight. This excess weight can cause additional stress to the joints. When your joints are in constant stress you increase your chances of developing arthritis.

Individuals who have arthritis are highly encouraged to exercise regularly as the regular exercise will help keep their muscles strong and joints flexible. But, sometimes exercise is just not enough to help combat the pain and inflammation that comes with arthritis.

Stem cell therapy can be a great option for you if you suffer from arthritis. Stem cell therapy is a non-invasive and effective way to help reduce pain and inflammation caused by arthritis. The procedure is a simple injection of stem cells into the affected arthritis area and is done in about 40 minutes. This stem cell injection can help assist the body in regenerating the damaged joints and surrounding area.

Stem cell therapy has become a common alternative to help reduce the pain of arthritis. Stem cells can be used to help treat neck, shoulder, wrist, knee, elbow, ankle and hip pain caused from arthritis. When regular exercise is not enough to relieve you from your arthritis pain you will want to consider stem cell therapy to help treat your arthritis and get you back on the trail or in the water in no time.