Everyone expects to gain grey hairs as they age, but we tend to put other things out of our minds. No one wants to consider what might happen if they’re suddenly no longer as mobile, or perhaps their mobility is accompanied with horrific pain. It isn’t just as simple as taking some painkillers and getting on with it, severe pain and immobility can really have an impact on someone’s state of mind, too. It can lead someone into a severe depression.

So, what else can we do about immobility and pain?

You could be like Patsy White! White had problems with her knees that were severely impacting her ability to get around so she took the brave decision to shun surgery in place of having stem cells injected into her affected joints.

The stem cells that are used by Stem Cell Professionals are amniotic stem cells and the ones we use are donated by women who have undergone C-sections.

Fox43 interviewed our very own Dr. Owens on the procedure and he explained to them that this procedure is not for everyone, and it might not be covered by a lot of insurance companies. The difference in cost, however, is vast as stem cell treatment costs a couple of thousand dollars versus tens of thousands for surgery.

Stem Cell Therapy in South Central PA

Patsy White  from south central PA has seen improvement every day since she received her injections of stem cells.

While it might not be useful for someone with severe damage, if you are suffering from joint damage or joints that are wearing away then this might be the procedure for you. Imagine a day when you wake up and put your feet on the ground to find that you no longer have pain shooting through your knee, ankle and hip joints.

It isn’t just for the elderly, though, it’s great that Patsy White found her solution, but it can work for younger people, too.

If you have been involved in sports for your entire life, then you probably have a lot of pain in various parts of your body as you have been putting plenty of stress and pressure on your joints.

Even if you have been involved in a hospitality driven, or retail job, you will likely have similar issues that have come about from standing in the same position on hard flooring with knees and ankles generally being the cause of your joint pain.

Joint pain can affect so many of us and the solution floated by doctors is usually cortisone injections and if those don’t work then it’s surgery. These are not things that people usually want to consider undergoing so young, so the emergence of stem cell treatment is an amazing option that has presented itself and more and more professional athletes are turning to the Stem Cell Professionals in south central pa for help.

A consultation to see if this can be the solution for your pain problems would be advisable. A lifetime of pain relief is priceless, or in this case, just a couple thousand dollars.