Garrett Richards is only 28 and he has spent his life pitching, like many before him he left high school and went to college to continue his baseball career whilst also finishing off his education and was eventually drafted by the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in 2009.

In high school his team won two regional championships and in college he sealed his place in the annals of the University of Oklahoma by recording nine saves in his freshman year, the fourth highest in the history of the team. He was destined for greatness.

He has fallen victim to injuries in his career before, but none like the one that struck on the 4th of May this year. This time he had torn his ulnar collateral ligament in the elbow of his pitching arm and was told he would need Tommy John surgery. That injury can be a career ender and it usually takes a year or so for a pitcher to bounce back to full strength after undergoing that surgery.

After reviewing all of the information presented by doctors, and listening to advice from them as well as friends and fellow professionals, Garrett Richards decided he wasn’t willing to undergo the invasive surgery and would opt instead for stem cell injections.

Choosing Stem Cell Therapy over Surgery

Bartolo Colon is another high profile pitcher who underwent the same procedure, spurning surgery, and he is still pitching today at the age of 43. In fact, since Colon’s trip home to the Dominican Republic for his injections no other high profile has undergone the procedure (or at least openly discussed it).

As a result of his decision to undergo stem cell injections, Garrett Richards could actually be back in action as soon as August, rather than missing out on a full season, or potentially longer.

Anyone can follow in his footsteps by choosing stem cell injections over the dangers of surgery. It isn’t even just about the length of time it can take to rehabilitate after a surgery, there are risks whenever you choose to go under the knife. There are even risks involved with clinics that draw the stem cells from your bone marrow.

With Stem Cell Professionals we only use stem cells from amniotic fluid that has been donated by mothers who have had C sections. This means it’s the least invasive stem cell procedure available on the market today and Stem Cell Professionals are happy to talk you through the process and assist you in making the right decision. It isn’t right for everyone and it might not be suitable for you, dependent on your injury, but you won’t know until you ask.

Many insurance providers don’t cover the process, but the cost versus surgery is so much lower and the benefits are so much greater. So if you suffer from joint pain, arthritis or you’ve incurred a sports injury chances are that the Stem Cell Professionals can help you decide whether stem cell injections are right for you.