There are critics and disbelievers everywhere. One news article will discuss the amazing benefits of stem cell therapy, while someone online is saying something completely opposite. What should you believe? You should believe real testimonials and the facts.

The truth is that there have been tens of thousands of stem cell therapy injections within the past few years. Majority of those injections have produced amazing results. People are avoiding surgery and correcting their arthritis symptoms with a simple injection of Stem Cells. However, like all medical treatments, nothing is 100% guaranteed. Don’t let the skeptics persuade you from becoming educated on stem cell therapy, avoiding surgery and living a pain free life.

Believe the people who have been through stem cell therapy.Below are a few video testimonials of everyday people, like you and I, who have had success with stem cell therapy. These patients are not multi-millionaires. You will never see these people on ESPN and these people have been treated like the dozens of other people at Stem Cell Professionals in York Pennsylvania.

Stem Cell Therapy Relieves Hip Pain

The first testimonial video is from a man who was suffering from intense hip pain. Bobby’s hip arthritis was so bad in fact that he almost decided to go through a total hip replacement.

Like many people, Bobby spent his life using his hip with average intensity. He may not have been an athlete and most likely did not injure his hip throughout his life. Bobby developed arthritis from slowly wearing down his hip joint over the years.

Thankfully Bobby had some cartilage left in his hip and decided to try stem cell therapy. He used stem cells from his bone marrow, concentrated the stem cells and injected them back into the hip joint. This slowly regrew the cartilage in his hip, which relieved the painful arthritis symptoms. Now Bobby says that surgery isn’t even on his mind at all!

Stem Cell Therapy Treat’s Marty’s Arthritis

This testimonial is about Marty who is in a very similar situation as Bobby. Marty and Bobby are both experiencing arthritis in their hip from a lifetime of slowly wearing and tearing their hips down. Marty says in the video-clip that it actually took him 5 years to receive a proper diagnosis on his hip. Once he decided to go through stem cell therapy he was disappointed even more. He says that the pain stuck around for two or three months after the stem cell injection. However, one day the hip pain was completely relieved and now he couldn’t be more happy. Marty mentioned that he was thrilled that the pain was finally gone, but then he injured his hip in a fall, which resulted in more hip pain. He returned to the stem cell clinic to treat his hip pain again and then soon after he once again experienced total pain relief. Now it’s been a year for Marty and he’s still experiencing a pain-free life because of stem cell therapy.

Stem Cell Knee Arthritis Testimonials

The last testimonial is from a man named Alan. Alan was tired of living with extreme knee pain and decided to avoid surgery and heal his arthritic knee. Before the stem cell treatment he was still working on his feet everyday and had to take 1,400 – 1,600 mg of Ibuprofen everyday! Also at that time Alan could only walk 200 feet before he had to sit down and get the stress off of his knees.

The pain was so bad for Alan that at times he couldn’t hold his balance because he was in so much pain. He had to do something because his job was at risk and he was tired of living with chronic pain.

After stem cell therapy Alan felt pain relief within the first few days and by week 6 he was able to walk and work without pain. Alan has now completely stopped taking Ibuprofen!

Stem Cell Professionals Approach to Stem Cell Therapy

You don’t have to fly to Mexico for this treatment; you don’t have to be a celebrity to afford the treatment and you can still get the same kind of treatment that Bobby, Marty and Alan received.

The Stem Cell Professionals in York, Pa are the first Stem Cell Therapist in the region. We use the most effective stem cells for treating orthopedic conditions and our process is clinically proven and FDA approved. We have a medical staff that’s trained in the United States and we would love to answer all of your questions you have regarding stem cell therapy. Call today at 717-881-2343.