“I was back doing what I do on a day-to-day basis the very next day”

This is the response from a former professional athlete who had an amazing recovery from stem cell therapy. Now shoulder pain is a thing of the past for him. 

According to Wikipedia, Mark Frederick Schlereth is a former NFL player and current television and radio sportscaster. Schlereth played guard in the NFL for 12 seasons (19892000) with the Washington Redskins and Denver Broncos. Currently he is a football analyst for ESPN on NFL LiveSportsCenter, and other programs.

Mark knew what he was signing up for when he decided to become a professional athlete. He knew that overusing your body, destroying your joints and suffering multiple injuries was going to lead to joint pain in the future, but at the time he didn’t seem to mind.

Throughout his career Mark had twenty knee surgeries, elbow surgeries, back surgeries, kidney surgeries and more. Mark said that overall he went through 29 combined surgeries.

Like many younger athletes Mark wasn’t too concerned about the aches and pains that he may receive when he’s older. At the time, Mark’s focus was on winning football games and being the best NFL player he could be. Now that he’s older he’s suffering from the exact pains that he was not worried about earlier. Daily pain shouldn’t be the daily norm for someone that’s only in their fifties. Being only 50 and suffering from chronic pain means you may still have 20-30+ years of living with intense pain.

Also, Mark isn’t a typical patient. Most patients are suffering from pain because they have slowly worn down their joints from typical wear and tear. These are the people who haven’t abused their bodies growing up, but their now in their mid sixties and experiencing pain. Mark on the other hand has been putting his joints through torture for decades. He essentially put himself on the fast-track to arthritis and chronic joint pain. What are his options?

Will Surgery Treat Mark’s Shoulder Pain

One option that mark could take is surgery; in fact I’m sure he already considered surgery. After all, he’s been through almost 30 different surgeries already. However, why would someone that has already been through 30 surgeries want another one?

There’s a good chance that at this point Mark is desperately looking for an alternative to surgery because it hasn’t provided positive results.

If mark does decide to go through surgery, let’s say a total knee replacement, he’ll most likely still be in pain a few years down the road. Everything wears out and needs replaced. The tires on your car, the cartilage in your knees and the moving parts on the artificial joint. If Mark does go through surgery today, there is a very good chance that he’ll need another replacement when he’s 65. Mark decides to try a newer approach to combat pain. Instead of replacing the problematic joint, why doesn’t he rebuild the joint?


Will Stem Cell Therapy Treat Mark’s Shoulder Pain

“It’s amazing what a difference it’s made,”

He said.

Mark has pain all over his body, but decided to attempt a form of Stem Cell Therapy to treat his chronic shoulder pain. The process is relatively simple. Doctors remove plasma, platelets and stem cells from mark and re-inject them into the affected areas.

Essentially, by injecting stem cells into the problematic area rebuilds the injured tendons naturally, which relieves the shoulder pain. Mark had an extremely successful recovery. He reports waking up in the morning and being so surprised that he was sleeping in a position that would have been extremely uncomfortable just a few weeks earlier. However, the source goes on to tell us that the treatment isn’t for everyone.

Many people are stubborn. Many people want to fight pain as long as they can and believe that eventually the pain will just go away on it’s own. Joint pain isn’t like the common cold. The pain won’t just go away on it’s own. The pain is typically from an absence of cartilage. Once the cartilage is gone the body will not regrow more. At this point you’ll either need stem cell therapy to regrow cartilage or surgery.

Many people wait too long to see a doctor and by the time they finally get the joint checked out there is no cartilage left at all. If you have no cartilage left at all stem cell therapy will be ineffective. The right time to see a doctor, or to get a stem cell therapy consultation, is when you’re starting to experience chronic joint pain.

If you’re just starting to become annoyed with your chronic joint pain call the stem cell professionals today.


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