Most blog posts discuss the typical patient such as an elderly person with knee pain from years of wear and tear. We talk a lot about people being overweight who have put themselves on a fast track to arthritis pain. The extra pounds put a ton of unnecessary stress on their joints and now they’re suffering from orthopedic problems. This is common, but not always the situation.

This blog is about a young man named Michael. Michael is the poster child of health. He’s an avid cross fit trainer. Michael also has an amazing diet and only consumes natural foods. In fact, his occupation is in the natural foods industry.

When Michael was in the prime of his life (30 years old) he reached out for help because he was in extreme knee pain. It seems very unlikely that someone who seems to be in tip-top shape would be suffering from knee pain. However, it’s obvious that years of cross fit training and squatting has put extra stress on his knees and put him on the fast track to arthritis.

Overcoming the Knee Pain

It seemed as though Michael tried everything to reduce the knee pain. He even attempted to get the same anti-inflammatory shots that Kobe Bryant received. These shots are called Orthokine injections. In case you’re unaware, Orthokine Injections is the process of using your own blood in an attempt to prevent arthritis. The belief is, if you take blood from your arm, incubate the blood, slightly raise the temperature, place the blood in a centrifuge then the blood’s constituent parts will separate. One part of the blood that separates is believed to be able to stop arthritis so they take that part and inject it back into the affected area. However, the injections were unsuccessful.

Michael decided to ramp up his workouts to 10 times per week, which is extreme for anyone, especially someone with knee pain. While he was squatting he felt his knee give away. His knee quickly swelled and he decided to continue to push through the pain and that’s when things got worse. Michael tried: acupuncture, massage therapy, physical therapy and even had arthroscopic surgery. None of these procedures worked for him! Michael, being a fighter, didn’t throw in the towel. He decided to opt for Stem Cell Therapy.

Stem Cell Therapy

After numerous unsuccessful treatments, Michael finally decided to opt for stem cell therapy. Since Michael is very healthy, young and in tremendous shape, he decided to use his own stem cells to treat the damaged cartilage in his knees. The process is relatively simple. Stem cells are undifferentiated cells and they exist in many different places of your body such as in your bones, in your teeth, in the amniotic sac, etc. Michael’s Stem Cell Therapist decided to take stem cells from his hip, concentrate the proper stem cells in a lab and then inject them back into the problematic area, his knee.

Since stem cells are undifferentiated cells they have the ability to transform into other cells. When you introduce stem cells into damaged cartilage they turn into the cells that make up your cartilage and a process of regeneration begins. Over time his cartilage rebuilt itself to the point where his knee was as strong as it was before the knee injury, and he is doing great!

Stem Cell Professionals

The Stem Cell Professionals in York, Pa have a very similar approach. However, we use donated amniotic stem cells. Research has shown amniotic stem cells to be more effective at healing degenerative conditions. The reason they are more viable is because the age of the stem cells are much lower and the amount of the stem cells being injected are typically higher. Highly screened, consenting mothers donate stem cells after a healthy scheduled C-section birth. No mothers or babies are ever harmed during the process.

Stem cell therapy is an alternative to surgery. We want to avoid any invasive procedure possible. While using your own cells sounds attractive, the process of obtaining cells from your bones is still more invasive than using donated stem cells. Also amniotic stem cells that are donated to us are very effective at healing.

If you’re interested in avoiding surgery and learning how you can heal your damaged or arthritic joints call us today at 717-881-2343!