You’re 58 years old and you try to convince yourself that your knees hurt because you’re getting older. You were the star running back on your High School football team until that blow to the knees ended your career. You went through multiple surgeries throughout your life, but that knee has always caused you problems. Now the pain in setting in everyday and you’re finding yourself carrying around a bottle of pain relievers. Deep down you know that those aches and pains are signs of arthritis in your knee, but you don’t want surgery. Is there a surgery alternative?

The only problem that’s as bad as arthritis is the surgery to decrease the pain. You think to yourself that you’re only 58, you love being active and surgery may end your active lifestyle. Not to mention surgery at your age may not be a permanent solution. After all, joint replacement surgery only last on average 15 years. You would like to think that you’ll live to be older than 73. Is there another option? Should you ignore the pain and keep your lifestyle? Should you cave in and see an orthopedic surgeon? Should you look for a joint replacement surgery alternative? What should you do?

Joint Replacement Surgery Alternative

This is the problem people like you and I face everyday. We’re not ready to throw in the towel. We don’t want to admit that we’re getting older. We don’t want to admit that we may be developing arthritis and we definitely don’t want to go through surgery. We like our current lifestyle and joint replacement surgery just isn’t an option.

Unfortunately tens of thousands of people are committing to surgery that they don’t need or want. I would believe that no one WANTS surgery. However, we are told that arthritis is an unfixable condition. We are told that once the cartilage in our joints has worn away we will develop arthritis and once we develop arthritis we need surgery.

Thankfully we’re moving away from such invasive procedures.

What is Stem Cell Therapy

Most likely you have heard of stem cell therapy before. You’re probably thinking stem cell therapy is the miracle cure that everyone has been buzzing about or you have no idea what stem cell therapy is.

What is stem cell therapy? Stem Cell Therapy is an orthopedic treatment to rebuild the cartilage in between your joints. When you are starting to develop arthritis it’s mostly due to the fact that you injured your joints or you have slowly worn away your joints. For decades the only solution to worn joints has been to replace them with artificial joints. Now we have the technology to rebuild the joints with stem cells.

Stem cells are found in many different parts of the body and they exist in all of us at all times. We obtain the cells from donors and no one is hurt or even at risk in the process.

Once the cells are donated they are sent to an FDA approved lab for approval and we use them for stem cell therapy.

Stem Cell Therapy Process

Once we determine that you are a qualifying patient for stem cell therapy (meaning we determine that you have a great chance of benefiting from stem cell therapy) we inject stem cells into the problematic joint. You are in and out of the office in the same day, there is nothing invasive and you’ll walk out just like you walked into the office.

The amniotic stem cells do their job of transforming into the stem cells that make up your cartilage. Once the cells rebuild your cartilage you will experience joint pain relief, all without setting foot in a surgical center.

How is Stem Cell Therapy a Joint Surgery Alternative?

If you are at the point where there is NO cartilage left in your joint you are too far-gone. At this point it’s very unlikely that you’ll find a joint replacement surgery alternative. The stem cells need some cartilage to build off of. In this situation you are not a good candidate. However, many people have mild arthritis, which stem cell therapy treats. Those are the people that may also talk to an orthopedic surgeon. In this case stem cell therapy would be a great surgery alternative.

If you’re thinking that stem cell therapy is a MIRACLE then you are WRONG! Stem cell treatments are just like every other type of orthopedic treatments. Some people don’t get amazing results with joint replacement surgery because they shouldn’t have been considered a good candidate. Not everyone is a good candidate for stem cell therapy either. If you have a disease, such as Parkinson’s, or if you have later stages of arthritis then we cannot help you, but we’ll point you in the right direction.

What Makes the Stem Cell Professionals in York, PA a Better Choice?

The Stem Cell Professionals in York, PA only takes patients that have the highest chances of success. We use x-rays to take a look at your joints to determine if you need stem cell therapy. If not we’ll put you in touch with someone who can help.

Besides screening patients, we also use the most effective stem cells for our stem cell treatments. Amniotic stem cells, or stem cells that are from the amniotic sac, have the highest concentration of vital stem cells. These cells are the most effective for orthopedic treatments.

Finally, did you know that we were actually featured on FOX 43 for being the go-to stem cell therapist in the region? Check out the news report HERE.