Stem Cell Therapy is considered to be the future of orthopedic treatments. Until this point in time we have been treating our painful joints in a very invasive way. We’ve lived to believe that the only way to heal an injured or painful joint is to either replace the joint or attempt surgical procedures.

Stem cell therapy takes a completely different approach. With the help of stem cells, we may have an opportunity to heal our joints instead of replace them. However, with any change comes an abundance of questions and concerns from potential patients. If you haven’t read many of our blogs or haven’t attended any of our educational seminars, then this article is the place to start. Let’s focus on the frequently asked questions or the who, what, where, when and why.

WHO Can Benefit from Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy doesn’t discriminate. We put a lot of our attention on elderly people who are suffering from arthritis. After all, elderly suffer from joint pain more than younger people. However, anyone with joint pain may be able to benefit from stem cell therapy.

In many situations younger people, as well as elderly people, are taking advantage of stem cell therapy to heal faster and more fully after surgery. One example would be professional athletes who are using stem cell therapy after surgery to get in the game sooner. Stem cell therapy isn’t just for arthritis

WHAT is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy is the process of injecting stem cells into an affected area such as an arthritic knee. The Stem Cell Professionals in York only use the most effective stem cells for stem cell therapy. These stem cells are called amniotic stem cells because they are harvested from the amniotic sack or umbilical cord blood. A mother donates her amniotic stem cells when she is scheduled to have a C-section birth. After the cells are harvested and sent to an FDA approved lab for approval they are sent to clinics for orthopedic regenerative treatments.

Stem cell therapy is also unlike other orthopedic treatments because it is an outpatient procedure. We inject the stem cells in our York, PA location and you literally walk out of the office after the injection. Unlike other treatments you are able to walk the next day and there is no recovery time. You may be able to notice positive effects within a few weeks.

WHERE Does Stem Cell Therapy Take Place?

Before you decide to proceed with stem cell therapy we need to make sure you are a qualified patient. Not everyone is qualified and if you are a patient who would benefit more from another orthopedic treatment we will point you in the right direction. However, the screening process, which includes an X-ray, takes place at our York, PA location near the Athletic Club of York. The exact address is 1785 Loucks Rd, York, PA 17404

If the x-ray determines you have a good chance of benefiting from stem cell therapy we will schedule an appointment for the treatment to take place. The actual treatment will also take place in our York, PA location. Stem cell therapy is an affordable treatment because the treatment doesn’t require a large medical facility. The lower overhead cost gives you a huge cost benefit over other orthopedic treatments such as out-of-pocket knee replacement.

WHEN Should You Consider Stem Cell Therapy?

Unfortunately, people are stubborn. We all have a friend or family member who is experiencing some sort of pain and has been avoiding the doctor. When it comes to joint pain, especially arthritis, the pain will likely not go away on it’s own. If you are suffering from arthritis then the longer you wait, the less effective our treatments will be.

Stem cells are able to regrow cartilage in your joints. However, the more cartilage cells that are present, then the more successful stem cell therapy will be for you. Don’t wait until you have a bone-on-bone condition. If you are experiencing any sort of joint pain it’s worth it to get a consultation from a Stem Cell Professional.

WHY Should You Consider Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy is an alternative to surgery. We strongly believe that surgery should always be the last resort for any sort of orthopedic condition. When you decide to undergo a total knee replacement you are permanently removing a body part. This sort of procedure should only come as a final option. In many situations this is a person’s final option.

Stem cell therapy finally gives people with mild arthritis an alternative to surgery. It’s advised that any procedure that’s less invasive than another should be considered first. Why would you opt for an invasive procedure if it may not even be necessary? These reasons are why stem cell therapy should be considered.

Stem Cell Professionals in York, PA

You may still have a bunch of questions, but hopefully this helped as a good starting point. If you want more in-depth questions answered please visit our frequently asked questions page. You may also call the Stem Cell Professionals at 717-881-2343 and you’ll be in touch with a real stem cell representative to answer any of your questions.