Stem cells are amazing! The Stem Cell Professionals focus a lot of attention on how amazing stem cells have been for orthopedic treatments. People who had knee arthritis are now taking long walks in the park. Professional athletes who have torn their ACL are now using stem cell injections to heal faster after surgery. Even people who have gone through traumatic events, such as a car accident, are using the power of stem cells to heal faster and heal more fully to get back to their lives faster.

It’s truly incredible that so many people are being treated with stem cell therapy, but there are many different uses for stem cells. It’s all over the news, it’s been a hot topic and for many people it’s been their only hope. Here are 5 uses, besides orthopedic treatments, for stem cells.

1) Stem Cells Can Fix a Broken Heart

According to many articles stem cells can help treat heart disease. Medical News Today says that heart disease is the number 1 cause of death in the Unites States. According to the source 1 out of 4 deaths is due to heart disease.

When you have heart disease your heart is deprived of oxygen, which kills the muscle cells in your heart. This destruction puts an enormous amount of stress on your heart, which leads to heart failure and death. Studies have shown that stem cells have shows regeneration abilities in the damaged areas of the heart. This regeneration may be able to reverse the negative effects and prevent heart failure.

2) Stem Cells May Cure Leukemia

Leukemia is a cancer of the marrow of the blood. In 2015 there were around 54,270 people who were diagnosed with leukemia. There are currently 320,000 people living with this cancer and around 25,000 people died from leukemia last year.

Thankfully, stem cells have come a long way in helping people battle leukemia. The main way stem cells have helped people battle this cancer is through stem cell transplants. According to Cancer Treatment Centers of America this procedure infuses healthy blood forming cells into the body. The cells can then be collected from the bone marrow, the blood that circulates throughout your body and umbilical cord blood.

3) Stem Cells Can Regrow Skin

There are many instances where a person needs new skin. For example, if a person is in a house fire and suffers from third degree burns new skin may be necessary. If a person has some sort of disease or cancer he or she may need to have skin replaced with new skin.

Skin stem cells have been used for decades to grow new parts of skin inside a lab for people that we mentioned above. Apparently the skin that is created with the stem cells does not have hair follicles, you will not be able to sweat and oil will not be produced in the new skin. Sources say that the technique is not perfect or ideal, but the fact that we can grow skin in a lab with the use of stem cells is truly amazing!

4) Stem Cells Help You See Clearly

We all know how sensitive our eyes can be. We need to wear sunglasses to protect our eyes from the sun. If we get small amounts of dust in our eyes our eyes will tear up for minutes and if you’ve ever had a contact tear, you know how painful that can be! Imagine getting a harmful chemical in your eyes. This accident can lead to permanent eye damage or even blindness.

If the cornea is severely damaged from a chemical spill or burn the limbal stem cell cells may be able to help! These cells can be taken from the patient, multiplied in a lab and restored back into the damaged eyes to restore sight. How amazing is that?

5) Stem Cells May Cure Parkinson’s Disease

People who have Parkinson’s disease don’t have the ability to produce enough dopamine. This is the chemical that allows messages to be sent to the part of the brain that control movement. The disease actually targets these cells or neurons and destroys the functionality of the brain. As more and more of these neurons are destroyed, the patient will develop more and more tremors and their movements will slow down.

Researchers are currently growing dopamine-producing nerve cells in a lab with the help of stem cells. The idea is that if you can grow the cells that produce dopamine in a lab, perhaps you can replace the lost nerve cells with healthy ones. If it weren’t for stem cells you wouldn’t be able to grow these dopamine-producing cells in the first place.

Stem Cell Professionals In York, Pa

Stem cells are amazing. A ton of time and energy is being focused on stem cell research as scientists learn more about these amazing cells. We may be able to treat some types of cancers, help patients who suffered horrible burns and even treat Parkinson’s disease. The only problem is that many of these studies are just in a research stage. At this point people aren’t able to experience all of the benefits of stem cells.

However, one treatment that is available across the country is stem cell therapy for orthopedic treatments. Every patient is different and there isn’t a 100% guarantee. However, many people suffering from arthritis have seen significant improvements in mobility and function after being treated with stem cell therapy. There were around 50,000 injections in 2015 and so far there have been very little side effects. If you are suffering from arthritis or are looking for a more successful recovery after surgery call the Stem Cell Professionals today. When you call you’ll talk directly to a Stem Cell Professional representative and we’ll answer all of your questions! You can reach us at 717-881-2343.