According to

  • An estimated 52.5 million adults in the United States were told by a doctor that they have some form of arthritis
  • One in five (22.7%) adults in the United States report having doctor-diagnosed arthritis.
  • In 2010-2012, 49.7% of adults 65 years or older reported doctor-diagnosed arthritis.
  • By 2030, an estimated 67 million Americans ages 18 years or older are projected to have doctor-diagnosed arthritis.
  • An estimated 294,000 children under age 18 have some form of arthritis or rheumatic condition; this represents approximately 1 in every 250 children in the U.S.

This means that majority of Americans will be in pain, or are already suffering some sort of arthritis pain. The unfortunate fact is that majority of those people suffering from arthritis will believe their only option for pain relief is surgery. Until this point in time, surgery was inevitable. It was believed that arthritis isn’t reversible. Everyone believes that since the source of arthritis pain is worn joints, you have to have the joint replaced with an artificial one.

Thankfully science has shown us that there are other options for arthritis pain relief besides invasive surgery. Stem cell therapy has helped many people. This procedure doesn’t treat the symptoms of arthritis, but actually treats the source by rebuilding people’s worn cartilage. However, like all new medical procedures, stem cell therapy is yet to be covered by health insurance. This is a HUGE inconvenience for people.

Stem cell therapy seems to be the answer that everyone has been looking for.. Why?:

  • Stem cell therapy is an alternative to surgery
  • There is essentially no recovery time after stem cell therapy.
  • The procedure will only take up to an hour
  • You’re rebuilding your worn down joints instead of replacing them
  • You won’t be in pain after the procedure
  • You can go to work after the procedure
  • The procedure has been proven to be effective

The benefits literally go on and on. It seems as though the procedure is too good to be true! What’s the catch?

As of right now in Pennsylvania, stem cell therapy is not covered by insurance. This is the biggest reason why people aren’t lining up for the procedure. However, the future of stem cell treatments and healthcare seems bright, especially in California!

Stem Cell Therapy Covered by Health Insurance?

Why wouldn’t someone want to live in southern California? Southern California has perfect weather; you can see Hollywood stars and apparently stem cell therapy is partially being covered by health insurance!

There isn’t too much information on the topic. However, according to

“The top stem cell therapy clinics in Southern California, Telehealth, are now offering partial insurance covered regenerative medicine treatments for cartilage repair. There are several different types of stem cell therapy offered by the Board Certified providers, with the results overall being exceptional for pain relief and helping patients avoid surgery.”

This is a really big deal because Medicare typically takes a long time to recognize new procedures and the rest of the insurance companies follow suit. Essentially insurance companies don’t cover procedures unless they are 100% certain that the procedure is effective. The fact that stem cell treatments to treat joint conditions are starting to partially be covered is great for a few reasons.

1) The health insurance industry is starting to realize that stem cell therapy is safe and effective. Medicare wouldn’t be willing to pay for treatments that they thought were a waste of time and money

2) Now people will have a more affordable alternative to surgery. As mentioned before the only solution for arthritis pain has been pain medications or surgery. Now we’re on the right track to help people find other affordable options!

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

If you stumbled into this blog because you saw “Stem Cell Therapy” in the title and became curious, then you aren’t alone. Stem cell therapy is new and it’s a completely different approach to arthritis.

The idea is that stem cells are premature cells. They have the ability to transform into other cells and they multiply that cell and begin to grow. The main cause of arthritis is a lack of cartilage in your joints. When you inject stem cells into the joint that has worn cartilage then the cartilage may begin to regrow.

This is an alternative to surgery because there’s no surgical procedure at all. Stem cells are donated to us in a small container and injected into the problematic area!

If you are interested in stem cell therapy and you are looking for an alternative to surgery call the Stem Cell Professionals today at 717-881-2343.


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