You’re reading this because you’re heard of stem cell therapy and you’re tired of living with chronic joint pain. You want to jog in the park on the weekends. You want to play catch with your grandson. You want to stop feeling constant aches and pains, but you can’t. The arthritis in your knees, hips or lower back is crippling. Everything you do is causing pain and the only activity you can enjoy without pain is sitting down in front of the television. This is no way to live your life.

Besides wanting to live pain free, you also don’t want to endure joint replacement surgery, or any sort of orthopedic surgery for that matter. The thought of surgery, rehabilitation, therapy and pain makes living with arthritis seem worth it. There has to be another option.

Thankfully the Stem Cell Professionals in York, Pa offer a new medical treatment called stem cell therapy. This new treatment is available for people who are living with joint pain. By now you probably understand what stem cell therapy is, but how can it help you? What are the advantages of stem cell therapy over other orthopedic treatments?

1) Stem Cell Therapy is Ethical

At the Stem Cell Professionals we use amniotic stem cells. These particular stem cells come from amniotic fluid and the umbilical cord blood. During a scheduled C-section a mother decides to donate these cells to us. No one is injured or at risk in any way, shape, or form. This makes stem cell therapy a 100% ethical procedure.

2) Stem Cell Therapy is Effective

The results of stem cell therapy are not guaranteed and every patient’s results may vary. However, professional athletes like Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods have taken advantage of stem cell therapy to heal their joints successfully without surgery and to get back to their game quicker. Professional athletes don’t have time to waste on treatments that don’t work, or on treatments that require lengthily recovery time and neither do you!

3) Stem Cell Therapy may Replace Orthopedic Surgery

Joint replacement surgery or any type of orthopedic surgery requires an immense amount of time and a high pain threshold. It’s safe to say that no one would undergo surgery unless they had to. Stem cell therapy may be a complete alternative to orthopedic surgery. Not to mention the procedure is minimally invasive meaning there is almost no pain at all.

4) Stem Cell Therapy has no Side Effects

Out of thousands and thousands of stem cell therapies taking place every year there have been no risky side effects recorded. You may experience slight discomfort from the procedure itself. However, if you undergo surgery there are a handful of side effects and risks involved. Some people who undergo surgery experience complications, which means the side effects could be as severe as infection or death.

5) Stem Cell Therapy is Inexpensive

At this time adult stem cell therapy is not covered by any insurance company. However, the cost of stem cell therapy compared to the true cost of orthopedic surgery is far less. How valuable is your time? Can you afford to take weeks off of work for surgery and rehabilitation? Stem cell therapy allows you to continue living your life almost immediately.

6) Stem Cell Therapy is Non-Invasive

The process of stem cell therapy is almost completely non-invasive. If you have the ability to get the flu shot or give blood then you have the ability to undergo stem cell therapy. Compare this to the invasiveness of any surgical procedure. With a total knee replacement they replace your knee with an artificial joint. That’s extremely invasive compared to an injection of stem cells.

7) Stem Cell Therapy is a Quick Procedure

Don’t assume that the more extreme a procedure is, the more effective the procedure is. You can be in and out of our facility within one hour! No more overnight stays and no more multiple hour surgeries.

8) Stem Cell Therapy Requires Virtually No Downtime

Thankfully you can get back to living you life almost immediately. Within the first 48 hours after the procedure you are allowed to do light activity. Meaning you can get up and move around but you shouldn’t overdo physical activities. There isn’t a week long resting period or any physical therapy following the procedure.

9) Stem Cell Therapy Offers Natural Results

Stem cells are raw cells. They have the ability to transform into other cells they come into contact with, and then multiply. When our stem cells come into contact with your problematic joints (worn out cartilage) they rebuild the joint as if it is your natural joint. With a total knee replacement, for example, you may replace the knee with an artificial one, removing the problematic joint. However, the surgery and the prosthetic joint may hinder your movement because it’s not the joint you were born with. Stem cell therapy heals the joints naturally and you experience your body’s natural biomechanics.

10) Stem Cell Therapy Allows to you to Get Your Life Back

At the end of the day your main goal is to get your life back. You want to live pain free like you did before the joint pain or arthritis. You want to move without crippling back pain. You want to wrestle with your grandkids without a sharp pain coming from your knees. Stem cell therapy has the ability to do just that. Our treatments allow you a safe, effective and inexpensive way to get back to living your life without chronic joint pain.

What’s Next?

We understand that there are many questions. Each and every patient has different aches and pain. No two patients are alike and every patient is treated differently. If you read this and you think this procedure is for you, the next step is to call the Stem Cell Professionals in York, Pennsylvania. We have an honest approach and we don’t accept patients that wont benefit form the procedure. We want to answer all of your questions and help solve your problems as quickly as possible. Please call the Stem Cell Professionals at (717)-881-2343.