A kink in the neck that wont go away. A twinge in the lower back that’s becoming problematic. We tend to believe that aging and joint pain go together like peas and carrots. Should we just throw in the towel and assume that lower back and neck pain is a part of aging? No! The truth is that seven out of ten people will suffer from neck pain, back pain or both! As you read this there are about 90 million Americans suffering from neck or back pain of some degree. This is a major problem that people shouldn’t take lightly.

Thankfully the Stem Cell Professionals in York, Pa are dedicated to joint pain relief. We are now offering neck and lower back injections! We’re sure you have questions. After all, stem cell therapy is a relatively new type of regenerative medicine. When you’re experiencing joint pain, many times the cause is because you have worn our your joints. Stem cell therapy uses stem cells to regrow the cartilage and tissue in those joints so you can get back to living pain free. However, why did you experience joint pain in the first place?

Neck Pain Relief

Neck pain doesn’t discriminate. It affects Millions and millions of people in the United States of all shapes and sizes. Neck pain has many causes and is most often related to getting older. To pinpoint the cause of neck pain we have to describe what’s going on inside your neck.

Your spine is made up of 24 bones called vertebrae. These little bones are stacked on top of each other and also connected in a way that creates a tunnel or canal that protects the spinal cord. The neck is made up of the top seven vertebrae that make up what is called the “Cervical Spine”. This little section of vertebrae and muscle begin at the skill and end around the top of your torso.

What causes neck pain? Think about carrying around an 8-10 lb. bowling ball all day long. It would probably be tiresome and definitely annoying. This is what your neck goes through all day every day. Your head, similar in weight to a bowling ball, is sitting on those little bones, cartilage and muscle. This causes wear and tear on those vertebrae and cartilage and like any other joint they begin to deteriorate and arthritis can begin.

How does the Stem Cell Professionals fix this problem? We harvest vital stem cells that are donated to us from a healthy mother during a scheduled C-Section. The stem cells are sent to an FDA approved lab, they’re stored and then shipped to us for stem cell therapy treatments. Then the stem cells are injected into the parts of the neck that are experiencing degeneration (wear and tear or deterioration) and the process of regeneration (rebuilding of your cartilage) begins! You may start to rebuild the cartilage and joints that are causing pain.

Lower Back Pain Relief

Just like neck pain, lower back pain doesn’t discriminate either! Lower back pain is even more popular than neck pain. According to sharecare.com there are about 65 million Americans that are currently suffering from back pain. Back pain is literally the second most common reason for medical visits according to this source! That’s a huge number.

What’s causing all of this pain? When people are younger (30-50) they experience back pain that’s typically caused by a muscle strain or pain that’s caused from within the actual disc itself. However, as people age the pain tends to shift to arthritis.

There are a few different forms of arthritis that can take place within your back referred to as the spondylarthropathies (meaning spinal arthritis). Here are a few common types of spinal arthritis:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Infectious arthritis
  • Reactive arthritis
  • Psoriatic arthritis

The main cause of arthritis in the spine is from wear and tear to the cartilage and discs from years of holding up your own body weight! We’re definitely starting to see a trend here. Yes, injury to the back can cause degeneration to the cartilage causing arthritis. However, in most situations years of wear and tear cause the cartilage to wear away and arthritis begins.

How can the Stem Cell Professionals fix this problem?

Just like neck pain, joint pain, hip pain etc. we harvest vital stem cells that are donated from a younger, healthy mother. The stem cells are sent to a lab that’s approved by the FDA and are then stored in a safe, cold environment until they are needed for stem cell therapy.

After you come in for a consultation we find out exactly where the pain is coming from in your lower back and we inject the stem cells into the affected area. These vital stem cells come in contact with the worn out cartilage that’s causing you pain and the cells begin to rebuild the cartilage with a process of regeneration. Before you know it you may be feeling better and experiencing pain relief.

Your Next Step

Are you one out of the 90 million Americans suffering from neck or back pain? Have you been to the doctor and they informed you that you might have arthritis? Contact the stem cell professionals today. We have strict policy to NOT PRESSURE our patients into unnecessary treatments. If you are not a perfect candidate for stem cell therapy we will not treat you. We want people to experience the transformative power of stem cell therapy and if our treatments aren’t a good fit for your symptoms we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction. Contact the stem cell professionals today!