Dez Bryant Stem Cell TherapyIn September Dez Bryant, the wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys broke a bone in his right foot in the fourth quarter of a Sunday night football game against the New York Giants. Almost immediately following the injury the Cowboy’s Coach, Jason Garrett confirmed the bone break and said Bryant would have to undergo surgery. This is horrible news for Dallas fans, but this introduced a brand new opportunity to the stem cell therapy community.

According to The Washington Post,

“Bryant, who has been out since the team’s Sept. 13 opener, received an injection of stem cells from the bone marrow in his hip, according to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

“It will do two things,” Jones said (via of the procedure, which was performed in Colorado. “It has the potential to improve the healing time but more important gives him and everyone more confidence that when he comes back, at whatever the time is, it will be sounder and I think that was the overriding reason for doing it.”

The news article goes on to explain that Dez received the stem cell injection a day after his surgery and apparently he is healing exceptionally well!

Why Did Dez Choose Stem Cells?

Many people would be confused about his decision to inject stem cells into his foot. When you think of stem cell therapy you think of an alternative to surgery. Most people that we talk to don’t want to have surgery on their feet, knees or hips. Most people can’t afford to take off work for 6 weeks following surgery so they opt for stem cell therpay. Stem cell therapy is a great option for these people because now they can avoid surgery and a lengthy recovery time. Also most people we encounter are older, have cartilage wear in their joints and are experiencing joint pain. This is a completely different situation for Dez Bryant. In this situation, surgery was indisputable. Dez Bryant had to undergo surgery because he broke his foot. The stem cells were just a way for Dez to heal quicker and to get back on the field sooner!

When an athlete has to undergo surgery the goal is to have the most successful surgery with the least amount of healing and recovery time. Many athletes are essentially rushed back onto the field and they risk getting injured again. Many athletes do in fact injure themselves again. Then the players and coaches think that if they would have let the player recover one more week maybe they wouldn’t have injured the player again. In this situation the stem cell injection gave the player, the coach and the fans peace of mind that putting Dez back into the game wont risk re-injury! The surgery and stem cell injection combination was a great decision and Dez is expected to make a quicker recover than what the media and fans have expected.

Dez Bryant Used His Own Stem Cells

There are many sources of stem cells. As we dive deeper into stem cell research we find that stem cells exist all over the body. Stem cells are found in

  • Amniotic Fluid
  • Amniotic membrane
  • Cord blood, umbilical cord blood
  • Bone marrow
  • Blood, peripheral blood stem cells
  • Menstrual blood
  • Skin
  • Teeth
  • Placental tissue

In the case with Dez Bryant, he decided to inject his own stem cells into his foot. It sounds strange. Many people believe that all of the stem cells for stem cell therapy are donated to us. Most people aren’t even aware that our own bodies produce stem cells. Why did he inject his own stem cells and what is the procedure to use your own stem cells?

Why Did Dez Use His Own Stem Cells?

As you age everything starts to weaken. Your bones get brittle, your skin begins to sag, you lose muscle density and mass and your stem cells lose their vitality. As you age your stem cells aren’t as strong and active as they were when you were in your 20s. During the time of writing this article, Dez Bryant is 26. Dez is in his prime. He’s young, healthy and his stem cells are full of life. It makes perfect sense for Dez to use his own stem cells for stem cell therapy.

Many people we encounter at Stem Cell Professionals are older, they are in their late 50s – 60s and their stem cells aren’t as lively as they were in their 20s. For our patients who are experiencing joint pain, stem cells from a younger donor makes perfect sense. Yes, our patients could use their own stem cells, but it wouldn’t be as effective as using amniotic stem cells loaded with vitality from a young donor.

What Is the Process of Injecting Your Own Stem Cells?

We understand why Dez decided to use his own stem cells but what was the procedure like?

The procedure for Dez Bryant was a common outpatient stem cell therapy procedure that that is complete in a few hours in the office of the stem cell therapist. We know that Dez Bryant’s stem cells were harvested from bone marrow and they were extracted from the back of the hip area, specifically the iliac bone.

As Dez Bryant laid face down on the table the doctor thoroughly cleaned the area before numbing the skin and bone. A special needle was then inserted into the bone and the bone marrow blood was extracted. This is the special blood that contains his active stem cells. This procedure wasn’t painful for him at all. This isn’t painful like other bone marrow procedures such as bone marrow biopsy and most patients don’t experience much pain at all.

After the blood was extracted, the blood is centrifuged to concentrate the stem cells. To paint a picture of this process the blood that was extracted is inserted into small capsules and placed into a machine that essentially spins the blood around. This process separates the active stem cells from other cells in the blood that are unnecessary.

After the active stem cells are separated the stem cells were injected into his foot three to five days later.

Athletes and Stem Cells

At one point it seemed as though only athletes took advantage of stem cell therapy. Not many years ago stem cell therapy wasn’t allowed in the United States and the only people that could afford to go to another country to take advantage of stem cell therapy was highly pain athletes. This isn’t the case anymore. Now stem cell therapy is very affordable and athletes aren’t just taking advantage of stem cell therapy because they can afford the procedure. Athletes like Dez Bryant are taking advantage of stem cell therapy because the process is extremely effective and it allows the athletes to get back out in the field faster and with more peace of mind.

If you are in a situation where surgery isn’t an option you may also benefit from stem cell therapy. The Stem Cell Professionals offer an affordable outpatient procedure that may get you back to your pain free life faster than surgery. Call the Stem Cell Professionals in York, Pa today!

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