Stem cell therapy and any sort of regenerative medicine is a relatively new advancement. With new advancement means confusion and debate. It’s safe to say that the phrase “stem cells” have a particular vibe about them that can raise eyebrows. Five to ten years ago the only topic related to stem cells was ethics and morality. Today we live in a different time. Stem cells are moral, they’re safe and they’re effective at treating joint pain. Let’s see how the media is covering stem cell therapy on a local level.

WTAE Pittsburgh

Reporters, news anchors and news stations are known for covering what seems to be only bad news. Personally, I can feel down in the dumps after watching the news at times. However, bad news gets reviews. Even though WTAE Pittsburgh could have made this news story controversial, they didn’t. There’s nothing controversial. The clip starts out by talking about a new advancement for not just professional athletes but everyday people like you and I. In fact only 13 seconds into the clip Wendy Bell, the news anchor, says “That sounds really promising!”. She could have debated and said “I don’t know, Andrew. Where do stem cells come from? Does the process even work?” but she couldn’t! The rest of the clip proves the stem cells are from a safe host and the clip proves the effectiveness of the procedure.

As you watch the rest of the clip you quickly see that this is a real testimonial from a real patient like you and I. Ralph is the local Pittsburgh man in the video and he is like many people of his age. He’s in his mid-late 50s and he has arthritis in his knees. He has been a working man for most of his life (he started an air conditioning business) and the wear and tear from using his knees has caused the cartilage in his knee to wear away. He is like most people in the sense that he doesn’t want a knee replacement and he’s looking for alternatives. Ralph talks about how he loves hiking and a knee replacement wasn’t an option for him.

I’m sure Ralph was skeptical when he first heard about stem cell therapy. Afterall, this is a new procedure and Ralph doesn’t have any friends or family members that have been treated with stem cell therapy. He doesn’t have any sucecss stories from people he can trust as reassurance. However, Ralph took the chance and received stem cell therapy on his one knee. He says the procedure worked so well that a few months later he went back to get stem cell therapy on his other knee as well!


The second news clip that I found is from a local news station in Washington DC. Much like the first video, this clip doesn’t mention stem cells in any sort of negative fashion. The clip focuses on an elderly man, Norman. This man is exactly who I want to be some day. He’s 76 years old and he’s still very active. Norman frequently skis, bikes and figure skates! He’s very passionate about physical fitness. Even though he’s 76, he is more active than a lot of people in their 20s and he works out for an hour every single day!

However, in 2010 his knees took a turn for the worse. He started experiencing constant knee pain and he couldn’t enjoy the physical activities he loved. He went through costly and painful surgery and physical therapy but the pain just wouldn’t go away. Norman learned about stem cell therapy and he was amazed. He learned that stem cells have a way of turning into almost any cell they come in contact with and that they then multiply themselves which has the ability to regrow cartilage! For Norman this was exactly what he needed. The original cartilage in his knee has worn away from constant physical activities and wear and tear. He needed to get a new knee or regrow the original cartilage. The obvious choice is to use what you were born with and regrow that tissue and cartilage. Norm said that last year he received the stem cell therapy and this year he went to up state New York to do cross country skiing. Norman said he didn’t have any pain at all and that his knees feel 30 years younger! Norman’s knee has regenerated and he’s back to being his physically active self!

Both of the video clips were taken while real patients were being treated with stem cell therapy. The video clips were also covered by real news stations. These clips aren’t a product of effective marketing. Stem cell therapy is an advancement that is available to everyone, not just high profile athletes and millionaires. If you are curious about stem cell therapy or if you are looking for an alternative to joint replacement surgery give the stem cell professionals in York, Pennsylvania a call today!