Stem Cell Therapy FactsEthical concerns, the media, controversy, regenerative medicine and confusion are a few thoughts that come to mind when you hear the phrase “stem cell therapy”. How do you comb through all of the information you hear regarding stem cell therapy and make a decision on what you believe is fact or fiction?

We’ve decided to compile 10 facts about what stem cell therapy that we, Stem Cell Professionals, think are the most significant for people to understand before drawing their own conclusions about the subject.

1) Stem Cell Therapy is NOT Harmful to Anyone.

When people think of stem cell therapy people automatically jump to ethical debate. People tend to be stuck in the earlier days of stem cell research where biologists and scientists did use embryos and fetuses to learn more about the subject. This just is not the case anymore. The fact is that at Stem Cell Professionals we only use what is called amniotic stem cells, or stem cells that are donated to us from a willing donor. The cells come from the amniotic sac during a scheduled C-section and no one is hurt at all during the process.

2) Stem Cell Therapy is Very Affordable

Everyone also wants to believe that only multimillionaire athletes like Payton Manning and other professional athletes can afford stem cell therapy. This just isn’t true. If you do a price comparison between stem cell therapy and a total knee replacement you’ll see how stem cell therapy can save you in more ways than just money. However, the fact is that multimillionaire athletes have the best doctors that look out for the athlete’s best interest, which is to stay in the game. These doctors know that stem cell therapy will allow them to heal and recover quickly. Unfortunately a lot of local doctors aren’t educated on stem cell therapy and don’t make proper recommendations to their patients.

3) Stem Cell Therapy is Safe

Another concern that people have is that they aren’t sure if the stem cell procedure is safe. It scares a lot of people to think that you are injecting cells into their body. The truth is that stem cell therapy is a relatively new medical advancement and there just aren’t a lot of testimonials compared to the 700,000 knee replacements every year in the United States. However, there have been over 10,000 stem cell therapy procedures that have taken place and there have been NO adverse side effects. Compare that to a total knee replacement. Many people have heard about others who developed an infection after a knee replacement surgery.

4) Stem Cell Therapy is Effective

Stem cell therapy is a relatively new advancement in the medical field and many people are skeptical. After all, when you are skeptical and have questions about a subject what do you do? You research and ask your closest friends and family. The fact is that stem cell therapy is extremely effective. Stem cells have the ability to transform into any cell they come in contact with and then multiply themselves to regrow that area. How else could pro athletes get back on the field so quickly after injury? If athletes had to undergo surgery every time they injured themselves they would have to sit out for a season or end their careers.

5) Stem Cell Therapy Offers Quick Recovery

When most people think of recovery time they have thoughts such as weeks, months and costly physical therapy. This isn’t true with stem cell therapy. Stem cell therapy has a huge advantage over joint replacement surgeries when it comes to recovery time. After you leave the office you will be stretching the joint within 24 hours and you will be walking again in a week. After four weeks you can be back at the gym, but taking it easy.

6) The Procedure is Quick

This is hard to believe for a lot of people. Most people want to think that if you want extreme results you have to take extreme measures. This also isn’t the case for stem cell therapy. After we determine that you are a good candidate for stem cell therapy (not everyone is a good candidate) we schedule the procedure for you. You’ll be in an out of the office within an hour. No more over night stays at the hospital to see results.

7) Patient Testimonials are Real

We see a lot of debate about the truth of patient testimonials. Many people draw their own conclusion about stem cell therapy before understanding the facts. These people want to believe the stem cell procedure doesn’t work. These people think stem cell clinics pay people to give fake testimonials. This isn’t true, at least not for the Stem Cell Professionals. The truth is that stem cell therapy is very effective but for the right person. Someone who has a knee that is bone on bone for example is not a good candidate. However, someone that has mild degeneration and knee pain is a great candidate and experiences real results. At stem cell professionals we will only give true testimonials and we won’t accept everyone that walks through the door either. We want our clients to have positive results and leave real testimonials.

8) Stem Cell Therapy is NOT a Miracle Medicine

We all hear about how stem cell treatments are the future, stem cells can cure cancer, stem cells treated my diseases etc. However, not all of this is true. Stem cells have shown to have amazing healing abilities. However, we know that not everyone is a candidate for stem cell therapy. Stem cells only rebuild and heal people’s joints if there is cartilage to rebuild. As mentioned before if you have no cartilage or tissue left in your joint we cannot help you. We will absolutely give you recommendations and point you in the right direction but we will not take a patient that won’t see the results.

9) The “Best” Stem Cells Aren’t From Bone Marrow

Many clinics out there offer stem cell therapy from a person’s own bone marrow. These clinics want you to believe that stem cells from bone marrow are better than other sources. However, this isn’t true either. Bone marrow stem cells are one source of stem cell and your bone marrow carries different types of stem cells. One type is called mesenchymal stem cells, which you can get, from various areas of the body.

10) Stem Cell Therapy is Proven to be Effective

If you search “stem cell therapy” you’ll immediately see contradicting articles. You’ll see some news sources that claim stem cell therapy is ineffective and you’ll also see other sources claiming stem cell therapy is effective. The truth is that stem cell therapy has been proven effective. Small-scale clinical trials where patients were treated with stem cells showed improvements compared to a placebo group whose symptoms got worse.