Stem Cell Therapy Trusted by News Sources

Stem Cell Therapy- Gaining Trust by the Millions

By this point you’ve heard the latest buzz regarding stem cell therapy. You don’t have to be a news junkie to hear something about stem cells on the evening news. However, as we move forward in our medical advancements with stem cells, people start to understand that stem cells can benefit someone’s life. People are starting to learn about the amazing statistics stem cell therapy can have on a person’s joints. It’s no wonder why San Francisco, a city of over a million recognizes Stem Cell Therapy as a hugely beneficial regenerative practice.

San Francisco Examiner

In 2014 the San Francisco Examiner recognized Stem Cell Therapy as a credible regenerative medicine and an alternative to knee replacement surgery. The article goes in depth about how the process of Stem Cell Therapy works. This particular article doesn’t get too deep into statistics, because after all stem cell therapy is a relatively new advancement and there just simply aren’t many stats. However, like many sources the San Francisco Examiner does a great job telling you where the stem cells came from, how the stem cells work, what a stem cell is and how the injection process takes place. Regardless, it’s great to see a credible source such as the San Francisco Examiner discuss stem cell therapy in positive light.

ABC News – Health

Not just local Newspapers are recognizing stem cell therapy as a positive alternative to surgery. ABC News, who has millions of viewers, is also joining in the stem cell positivity bandwagon. “Stem Cells: Alternative to Knee Replacement” written by ABC a few years ago is a great example of the news recognizing the positive effects of stem cells. This was also written when regenerative medicine was more controversial than it is today. This article is great because it not only gives a brief description of how the stem cell therapy process works; it also focuses on success stories of real patients. In the article it says:

“Last year, Patricia Beals was told she’d need a double knee replacement to repair her severely arthritic knees or she’d probably spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair.

Hoping to avoid surgery, Beals, 72, opted instead for an experimental treatment that involved harvesting bone marrow stem cells from her hip, concentrating the cells in a centrifuge and injecting them back into her damaged joints.

“Almost from the moment I got up from the table, I was able to throw away my cane,” Beals says. “Now I’m biking and hiking like a 30-year-old.”

If I was considering stem cell therapy this is absolutely what I would be interested in reading. The article supplies real results by real people. Why would ABC put their credibility on the line if they didn’t think stem cell therapy was truly effective and beneficial?

Chicago Tribune

In April of 2013 the Chicago Tribune also recognized stem cell therapy as an effective way to avoid joint replacement surgery. The article is called “Can Stem Cells Help With Arthritis?” and the article goes on to basically say, Yes arthritis can be treated with stem cell therapy! Chicago is the third largest city in the United States with a population of almost three million people. Having the support of such a large population is definitely a milestone in the stem cell therapy industry and definitely speaks volumes for the credibility of stem cell therapy. The process doesn’t provide very many testimonials, like the ABC News article, but it does answer a lot of typical questions about stem cell therapy. The article answers questions such as how are the cells injected, is it legal and more. Hopefully in the near future Chicago can follow up with this article and write an article with some positive testimonials.

Moving Forward

In the recent past stem cells were all over the news because of ethical concerns. People thought that other people had to be hurt to obtain the stem cells. People thought there were religious concerns regarding unborn fetuses. People went on to assume that stem cells couldn’t treat painful joints. This just isn’t the case. As we evolve with medical advancements in the stem cell industry there will be more people getting back to their everyday lives, pain free, because of stem cell therapy. There will be more people realizing the positive truth about stem cell therapy. Why would huge news organizations such as the Chicago Tribune, ABC and the San Francisco Examiner put their credibility on the line and talk about stem cells if the facts weren’t true?

If you feel as though you agree with the millions of people who are starting to understand the positive effects of stem cell therapy call the Stem Cell Professionals today and get an evaluation. One injection of stem cells could have you biking and hiking like a 30 year old again.