Back PainStem Cell Therapy: Proven Results

“I feel like I have gotten my life back!”

-Denise Lawson

“This is the only thing that allowed me to have my life back.” – Thomas Moore

“I was almost unable to function in my job, but the treatment allowed me to thrive.” – Scott Speck

When we think of stem cell therapy there is a lot of thoughts that arise. We tend to think; will stem cell therapy work for me? Is stem cell therapy safe? Is stem cell therapy moral? Stem cell therapy is a new procedure but it’s also a procedure with results.

The quotes above are all real quotes from real people just like you. The quotes are from people who had pain ranging from car accidents to typical degenerative, wear and tear.

Denise’s Car Accidents

It’s bad enough to be in a fender bender once every 10 years. Denise, on the other hand, was in two car accidents in 5 days. Luck was not on her side. Denise was rear-ended and five days later she was hit head on. The car accident caused her to have severe whiplash and a shoulder injury where she damaged the cartilage in her shoulder joint. She went to many doctors, chiropractors and physicians however, the injury was too severe and she couldn’t shake the pain. Denise couldn’t live in pain because she had two younger children who counted on her and she also had a career on the line.

After stem cell injections in her shoulder she is back to her normal life, living without pain. Before she learned about stem cell therapy she had difficulty getting dressed, difficulty making a bed and difficulty cooking. Almost anything that involved the use of her shoulder was painful. Now she can go to work, play with her kids and use her shoulder without pain.

Thomas’s Bathroom Slip

Thomas Moore is a retired Associate Chief Administrative Judge of the United States Nuclear Regulatory (NRC). Thomas’s bathroom was slippery from being flooded and he experienced a terrible fall. He knew right away that there was something seriously wrong with his back and began experiencing back pain. The pain was so severe that he couldn’t do the things he loved; in fact he basically couldn’t do anything. Even getting up from a chair caused Thomas so much pain he would almost pass out. He did his best to live with the pain but he just couldn’t. Thomas actually attempted surgery on his back but even after surgery he was still in pain. He had to resort to pain medicine that changed his mental state to the point that he couldn’t drive when he took the medicine.

After he tried stem cell therapy he experienced pain free living for the first time in years. Thomas was so excited to do the things most people take for granted. He was now able to go out to dinner with his wife and sit in a chair without being in pain.

Scott’s Pain From the Gym

Scott is an internationally known symphony conductor and an author. Scott believed in staying physically fit and his job also required him remain in shape. After a routine workout he experienced pain in his shoulder and soon found himself not being able to type on a keyboard or wave a baton for the orchestra. Scott tore his rotator cuff.

The stem cell treatment allowed him to live his life pain free again. After the injection he experienced rapid pain relief and returned his shoulder to normal function. Now Scott is back to waving his baton and hitting the gym. Although I’m sure he learned his lesson about overdoing it in the weight room.

We’re still living in the time period of thinking that the only way to see big results is to endure serious surgery and medical treatments. This just isn’t the case anymore. As more and more people are treated with stem cell therapy and as more people reap the benefits of nonsurgical, noninvasive stem cell therapy we’ll be able to keep more people out of surgery. If you have any questions about stem cell therapy and how it can help you call the Stem Cell Professionals today.