Manage Knee PainLiving with knee pain

We all know the best type of knee pain is no knee pain at all. However, at times knee pain is out of our control. Not everyone lives a life that allows him or her to avoid overusing their knees. Let’s say, for example, you are in a position where your occupation relies on you to overuse your knees, pain is inevitable.

In addition to your occupation, perhaps you are in a condition that doesn’t allow you to exercise regularly. Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to physically hit the weight room every day. Also not everyone has the time to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We now know that overuse of the knee and not-so-healthy lifestyles are the main culprits of knee pain, but what if knee degeneration and pain are inevitable? If you are like a lot of people suffering from knee pain the best you can do is to manage the pain. We’ve come up with a few ways you can manage the pain without considering costly knee replacement surgery.

Physical Therapy:

Trying physical therapy is a great way to help reduce knee pain. When a lot of patients have knees that are in poor condition, as in they have little cartilage left in their knees, swelling and stiffness can occur. Physical therapy is designed to help patients that have conditions that cause limited movement. With enough therapy you can improve the physical function and physical fitness in your knee, which can reduce pain.


Don’t over do it. Rest is one of the most overlooked methods of promoting good health. You don’t always have to be hitting the gym or running to stay healthy. A lot of times the best way to maintain proper health is just to rest. Resting your body relieves mental stress, takes physical stress off the knee and gives your knee time to start feeling better. All of those factors can result in relieving your knee pain.


An important factor that goes hand in hand with relaxing is making sure you’re getting proper sleep. When you have knee pain sometimes sleeping can seem difficult. However, proper sleep is absolutely critical to anyone who wants to promote good health and people with knee pain are no exception. Sleeping in pain may be difficult. However, a positive note is that maintaining a good sleep cycle promotes positive overall health and pain relief, which means you’ll start sleeping better and creating a better sleep cycle.

Ice Packs:

For many people with knee pain a huge pain reliever can be as simple as an ice pack. Not only is this method effective but also it’s inexpensive. When you are in pain you’re most likely experiencing swelling and stiffness. The ice pack, also referred to as cold therapy, actually slows down the blood flow to the cold area (your knee). Since the blood circulation is slowed down you will experience reduced swelling, reduced muscle spasm and reduced knee pain.

Topical Relief:

When you’re experiencing extreme knee pain sometimes-topical creams can offer pain relief. These are the creams that you literally apply to the skin on top of the affected area. There are a number of brands and types of creams offered but they all seem to offer the same main ingredients. These main ingredients are:


The products that use counterirritants as a main ingredient typically contain ingredients such as menthol or camphor. You probably never thought about it like this before, but as a pain reliever, all the menthol is designed to do is to take your mind off the pain.


You may have heard this term before. Do you enjoy hot sauce? Capsaicin is the ingredients in hot sauce that burns the inside of your mouth. You probably never guessed it was a huge factor in pain relief as well. The capsaicin causes a tingling sensation to your affected area and over time pain can be relieved.


This is the same ingredient that also gives over the counter pills the ability to cause pain relief. As you can probably expect the salicylates are in the cream, which are applied to the skin. The skin absorbs the pain-relieving ingredient and you start to feel better.

There are a few options for you to try at home before you consider costly knee replacement surgery. Even though living with constant knee pain can hinder your quality of life, you still owe it to yourself to try a few at home methods first. If at-home remedies aren’t working for you, contact the Stem Cell Professionals today to see if you qualify for Stem Cell Therapy, a non invasive alternative to surgery.