Stem Cell therapy: How does it treat painStem Cell Therapy – how does it treat joint pain?

We’ve talked a lot about Stem Cell Therapy and how it treats your painful joints. We went into detail about the source of Stem Cells and we assured you that Stem Cells are safe. We informed you that the extraction process causes no pain and we reassured you it’s a completely moral process. Perfect! However, we have not gone into detail about how the actual process of Stem Cell Therapy works to heal your joints. Perhaps you understand the treatment process after visiting our FAQs page, but what does the stem cell actually do, and how do stem cells relieve pain? We understand it can be confusing. It’s a complicated process. Here are a few in depth explanations to help you understand what happens to your knee joint after Stem Cell Therapy has taken place.

Injection into the Joint:  

Before we go into detail about how the cells fix joint pain, we have to take a step back. How do the stem cells get into the joint?

After our board certified medical doctor determines you’re a proper candidate of Stem Cell Therapy, and after the consultation, you are scheduled to come in for the Stem Cell injection. The injection uses a small amount of a liquid that is filled with Stem Cells and other nutrients into the affected area. Using the knee as an example, our medical staff would inject the cells into the area of the knee that had the damaged tissue and cartilage. It is vital to get the stem cells into the exact location of damage. This is accomplished by utilizing high-resolution ultrasonic imaging to precisely guide the injection into the exact area of damage. Stem Cell Therapy isn’t a pill, drink, or cream. We take the Stem Cells and inject them precisely into the source of the pain.

Immediately after injection:

The basic definition of a stem cell is a cell that originated from a multicellular organism that has the ability to multiply more cells and to other types of cells as they arise.

That sounds extremely confusing. What this means to Stem Cell Therapy is that the Stem Cells are injected into the affected area and they immediately start to recognize other cells in the area. Since the Stem Cells are injected directly into knee cartilage, the cells start to recognize the surrounding cells, AKA the cells that formed your knee cartilage. After the cells recognize the surrounding cells, they revive the damaged cells and may even transition into new cells. The Stem Cells don’t just become the cells, but they start to reproduce and multiple the cells that formed your knee cartilage. This enables your cartilage and knee tissue to begin to rebuild itself. Amazing!

Weeks After the Injection:

As time goes on, typically within a few weeks, the stem cells can essentially heal your painful joints. The healing process of your joints is caused by the stem cells reproducing and multiplying themselves into cells that develop cartilage. The main reason why most people have joint pain is because of years of abuse and wear and tear on the joints. This wear and tear over the years has worn out the cartilage and tissue in your joints. With less cartilage and less surrounding tissue there is more and more pain. Stem Cells re-vitalize cartilage and healthy tissue in your painful joints and help relieve pain.

Before your joints are past the point of no return, meaning you have NO cartilage in your knee or hip, or you have a bone-on-bone condition, you should contact us regarding Stem Cell Therapy. You don’t want to wait until it’s too late. No one wants to go under the knife unless they absolutely have to. Avoid surgery with Stem Cell Therapy and heal those painful knees.

If you believe you are a good Candidate of Stem Cell Therapy please contact us today.