Stem Cell Therapy:  Why are we blogging?

Stem Cell Therapy: Why BlogEvery Blog has a purpose. In fact, every blog has two main purposes. The first main purpose of this blog is to help the readers. Stem Cell Therapy is an extremely complicated procedure. Not only is the procedure extremely complex but also it’s very new, especially to the York, Pa region. Since the procedure is so new there has been a flood of people searching for answers to all of their questions. Because of this our “Frequently Asked Questions” page on our website is one of the most popular pages. People are looking for answers and we’re using this Blog as a medium to answer those questions. Answering our customer’s questions and keeping people informed through our blog serves a few main purposes.

Blogging Proves Credibility

No customer, regardless of how desperate the person is, is going to get Stem Cell Therapy from someone they have never heard of before. Just the words “Stem Cell” can throw a lot of people off. We need to establish Stem Cell Professionals as the best, and most trusted, stem cell therapists in the region before we can start to get a steady flow of customers and referrals. Blogging is one way to achieve that. We want to make sure that if people have a question regarding Stem Cell Therapy they know where to go. Besides answering people’s questions through blog posts, we also want to make sure that we discuss topics that people didn’t even know about. This also establishes us as the professionals in our industry. Besides being the Stem Cell Professionals we also want to show that we’re trustworthy.

Blogging Builds Trust

Along with credibility, we will never be able to gain new customers unless we build trust. Just like you wouldn’t go to the mechanic who is known to rip off customers, you wouldn’t go to an untrustworthy Doctor. Stem Cell Therapy is an industry that should be completely based on trust. Through this blog we’ll be able to tell you about different laws that affect our industry. We will be able to inform you about situations you should avoid when looking for help with your joint pain. We’ll be able to tell you what type of person is the perfect candidate for Stem Cell Therapy. However, we’ll also tell you who’s not a good candidate for the procedure. These are all topics that we need to inform the public about. These are all topics that build trust. Conversations regarding you’re physical health are conversations you deserve to go in depth about. This blog is the perfect place for that conversation to happen.

Blogging Benefits Us

At the beginning of this blog post I mentioned how blogging has two main purposes. The first purpose was to help the reader. There are a lot of benefits of helping our readers such as building credibility and trust. However, at the end of the day this blog will be a perfect opportunity for us to reach out to more people in need of our services, which will obviously benefit us. But why does Stem Cell Professionals need to reach out and help more people? Here’s something to think about. Unfortunately there are two types of people out there. There are the people like the Stem Cell Professionals who put other people’s interests before their own. Then there’s the other type of person who is only motivated by his or her own self-interests. The medical industry is no exception. The medical industry is flooded with “industry leaders” who are really only interested in their bottom line. When you are in severe knee pain your doctor might tell you that you need a total knee replacement. You may have a bond with your doctor and have trust in him. You wouldn’t believe how many times a doctor suggests a pricey knee surgery, with months of recovery time, because it’s better for the doctor. Those are the people we NEED to help. At Stem Cell Professionals we know that helping clients is what motivates us and it all can start with a simple blog post.

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