Stem Cell therapy procedures are becoming more and more common in the United States. Many people do not realize many forms of stem cell treatments has been used in cancer treatments for decades (bone marrow transplants), and even burn victim treatments have used forms of stem cells in their treatments.

As our population ages, we degenerate. Our joints are typically the first to become worn. Hips, knees and even the spine wear and degenerate with age. Modern medicine has accomplished very little at preventing it, and not a lot more at treating degenerative joint disease.  Costly surgeries are the most popular choice, but with lengthy rehab and risks associated with any surgery, most people want an alternative.  The average annual medical deductible is now over $1000 per year, and time off work adds to the price of any surgery.

Stem Cell treatments are replacing traditional orthopaedic surgeries in many cases. Once a trained medical doctor determine you are a viable candidate for treatment, it is quite simple. One injection into the area is typically all that is needed. No anesthesia is used, so the risk associated with anesthesia is completely eliminated. There is no down time, and no repeat visits to the doctor or hospital.

If you suffer from arthritis, chronic joint pain, chronic tendonitis or bursitis, and you are tired of harmful cortisone injections give Stem Cell Professionals a call. If you are considering joint replacement surgery, PLEASE call us or schedule a FREE consultation. Our medical staff is honest and will determine if you are a good candidate for stem cell therapy.

Stem Cell Therapy is NOT for everyone, and it is not a magic cure. It’s an exciting new treatment option for specific conditions and does not completely eliminate the need for all surgeries. Call us and find out if stem cell treatments are right for you.