When it comes to athletes everyone wants to perform at optimum performance. Especially extremely competitive, NFL players like Oakland Raiders, Rolando McClain. In 2010 Al Davis envisioned McClain to be an impact player after he was the No. 8 overall pick that year. However, Rolando wasn’t performing as Al Davis originally imagined. Rolando McClain said a majority of the performance issues were due to his knee that was “killing him”. As an athlete, going under surgery, months of healing and recovery could mean an entire career at stake. It could be the end of the road for years of hard work.

Not seeing surgery as an option Rolando McClain decides to undergo Non Invasive Stem Cell Therapy. He had to address his horrible knee pain in some way and non invasive therapy was his only choice.

After a few treatments Rolando said he can now sprint with little to no pain at all and that he “Feels a lot better”.


For many people like Rolando, surgery isn’t an option. With healthcare becoming increasingly expensive people can’t afford the surgery and can’t afford to take off work for six months. For people who work but don’t have sick leave how can you continue to pay the bills without work? If you are like many people who can’t afford the downtime surgery requires you owe it to yourself to speak with a Stem Cell Professional and to continue your life.